One of our values is to do more work on the front end so that the construction process is as painless as possible. The upheaval of remodeling is challenging. So we want that time to run smoothly. Our process helps us get things right the first time!



We’ll come out to your house to speak with you and really look at your home. And we’ll ask questions. And really listen. We want to understand what works for you and what doesn’t. We want to understand what things are most important to fix. And we want to get a sense of your style and preferences. We would love to see any inspiration photos you have, or sketches you have created.

The first meeting is normally free of charge. At the end of the conversation we’ll make some recommendations for next steps, depending on the size and scope of the project. We may suggest meeting with our architect. We may suggest meeting with our kitchen or bath designer to get cabinet drawings. Or we may be able to create a proposal just from our conversation.



Planning for your project takes planning and expertise and money. But that time and money is well worth it compared to the headaches down the road. Our process is to do more work in the planning stage so the construction stage goes more smoothly and efficiently. So we will charge you to create our concept drawings. Because we do that we can create several options that you can choose from, and we can price them accurately, so you don’t just have a rough idea of the budget. Our design and our budget go together, so there are no surprises.



Once we have completed our concept drawings, we will meet together to explain the options and the costs. But our proposal is not just a list of costs. It is a step-by-step description of the process that is to come, so you understand the timetable, the days of disruption and the costs with different finishes. In our meeting you may decide you like some things from one plan and some from another. That’s OK. Because you will have the budget knowledge to make that decision.



After you have seen the plans and proposal, the next step is to sign an agreement for construction services. We will give you copies of our state license and our liability and workman’s compensation insurance so you know they are current. We’ll take a deposit for materials to begin work. And we’ll determine a start date that works for you.



Did you know that the cost of a kitchen has a lot more to do with your selections than with construction costs? The major expenses of a kitchen renovation, for example, are the cabinets, the appliances, and the countertops. You know that there’s a wide spectrum in prices of those items. So when we start the process we include an allowance for those things as well as many other elements like faucets and light fixtures. But our desire is to take all of those allowances and make them into actual selections. That way we stay on budget, and we are sure to have things on site when we need them. Need some help choosing? We are there to help!



As the start day nears we will give you a calendar so you know what to expect on each day. It will also have notes reminding you about decisions you need to make. We’ll arrive when we say and our skilled trades will complete your project. In the midst we’ll have timely meeting to assess progress and track changes, and we’ll work diligently until your renovation is complete!